Hot off the press: the latest edition of WPR Journal
Sunday, 1 October 2023
Have you explored the online open access September 2023 edition of Wound Practice and Research Journal yet?

In the official Wounds Australia journal, you'll find the latest wound care-related research, case studies and more. Our theme this quarter is 'Tackling the problem of chronic wounds – focus on diabetic foot ulcers'.

In this edition:
  • We announce the winners of the Wounds Australia Literary Awards 
  • A survey of consumers with diabetes-related foot ulcers reveals physical mobility deficits impact their ability to attend appointments
  • Researchers investigate the potential for social media to aid self-management in people with diabetes and wounds
  • A scoping review finds strengths in Australian wound research  and gaps
  • A case study on healing a chronic ankle wound through telehealth 
  • A WHAM evidence summary on topical oxygen therapy in diabetic foot ulcers.
Read them all  completely free!  now in WPR Journal, or explore a range of back issues.

And remember: if you're a Wounds Australia member, a hard copy is on its way to you  yet another benefit of membership of Australia's peak health body for chronic wounds.