Wounds Australia Strategic Plan 2024-2027

Our vision: Improving lives for all Australians impacted by wounds.
Our values: Compassion, expertise, collaboration, innovation.


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1. Build our organisational and financial stability.

1.1 Significantly strengthen revenue from corporate partnerships
1.2 Develop and implement credentialling framework, with focus on generating significantly greater revenues
1.3 Improve our business support systems, including member database
1.4 Strengthen our efforts to diversify and secure additional government funding
1.5 Build revenue from donations and bequests  


2. Strengthen engagement with, and support for, members.

2.1 Define and distribute a succinct value proposition for all members
2.2 Revise & significantly enhance member engagement, including with younger and emerging members
2.3 Diversify our member base into new segments
2.4 Develop guidance guidelines for members to reduce environmental impact of wound care consumables  


3. Better recognition and influence as the national peak body.

3.1 Stronger recognition across all state/territory/Australian governments
3.2 Revised credentialing approved by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care, and international partners
3.3 Elevate wounds to be recognised as national health priority utilising the CWCS wound awareness and prevention campaign as a tool to drive change
3.4 Stronger recognition for our role as the custodian of wound care standards


4. Enhance the effectiveness of our governance.

4.1 Review and revise our Constitution to better embrace members, consumers and key stakeholders
4.2 Revise our governance system, and policies, including Terms of Reference of Board Committees
4.3 Review performance of Board as a group and individual Directors


Last updated 5 April 2024.