READ: Wound Champion Lyn Prior shares her story
Friday, 19 August 2022
Lyn from Eudunda in South Australia has been dealing with an open wound on her leg for nearly two years. Lyn’s wound grew in size while dressing it herself, from roughly equivalent to the size of a 20c coin to fully encircling her leg. Her GP clinic connected Lyn with a local wound care clinician who has set her on the road to recovery with a successful dressing regime.

To mark Wound Awareness Week, Lyn sat down with Wounds Australia CEO Helen Jentz and Chair Hayley Ryan to discuss her wound journey. They are joined by Sarah Chapman, Wound Expert from Sentry Medical, and together explore the importance of accurate wound treatment and the impact of chronic wounds on quality of life and wellbeing.

Thanks to Wound Awareness Week 2022 Friday partner Sentry Medical for bringing us this case study.