READ: Wounds Australia meets Leanne Castley MLA in Wound Awareness Week
Saturday, 20 August 2022
Our meetings with policymakers continued this week, with Wound Awareness Week Ambassador Professor Fiona Wood AM sitting down with Leanne Castley MLA, ACT Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing, and Wounds Australia Chair Hayley Ryan and CEO Helen Jentz.

The discussion explored ways to reduce costs and improve wound care for more people through the recommendations in our 11 Point Plan and Ms Castley – pictured here in her Wound Awareness Week t-shirt! – expressed concern about just how many people in the ACT, especially in the over-65 demographic, suffer chronic wounds.

It was a productive and wide-ranging conversation that even touched on Professor Wood’s and Ms Castley’s mutual passion for porcelain dolls!

We look forward to working with Ms Castley’s office on solutions to Australia’s chronic wound problem in the future.

Read about our meetings with The Hon Mark Butler MP, Australian Minister for Health and Aged Care, and ACT Minister for Health and Wellbeing Rachael Stephen-Smith MLA.

CAPTION: Professor Fiona Wood AM and Leanne Castley MLA, August 2022